English language arts curriculum for middle school

With ĵֱ ELA, students learn to tackle any complex text and make observations, grapple with interesting ideas, and find relevance for themselves.

Rated all-green on , ĵֱ ELA earned perfect scores across all gateways. Para la versión en español, haga clic í.

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Easy and adaptable to teach

With six levels of embedded differentiation and assessments, teachers can make sure students are gaining key skills while not interrupting instruction. Because the program does this work in the background, teachers have more time doing what they love.

Also, only ĵֱ offers the , a built-in guide to covering required content for each grade level in just 100 days while allowing teachers to add supplemental lessons and activities.

All-green rating on EdReports

Rated all green on EdReports, ĵֱ ELA earned perfect scores across all gateways.

The ĵֱ ELA curriculum’s rich texts build knowledge and forge connections across grade levels, all while providing comprehensive support for both students and educators.

Our approach

Through its engaging digital program, powerful differentiation and assessment tools, and step-by-step instructional guides, our curriculum responds directly to the challenges and opportunities faced by middle school students and teachers.

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We empower students to become critical thinkers.

With text always at the center, students are encouraged to make ideas and opinions about meaning for themselves. Rather than focusing on right or wrong answers, they develop ideas and opinions on relevant, real-world, texts.

A student using a laptop

We provide six levels of differentiated support.

Multiple entry points and six levels of embedded differentiated support allow every student, regardless of fluency or ability level, to engage with the same complex texts and curriculum.

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We assess while you instruct.

Embedded assessments and reports provide insight into each student’s progress without having to interrupt daily instruction. With data being collected at every learning moment, teachers can respond to student needs faster than ever before.

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What's included

ĵֱ ELA is a rigorous core curriculum that empowers teachers and engages middle school students.

A screenshot from ĵֱ ELA's Poetry and Poe unit
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Student Edition

Available digitally and in print, the student materials guide middle schoolers through complex texts and writing by:

  • Engaging students with high-quality narrative and informational texts.
  • Providing videos, audio supports, and digital experiences that capture their attention.
  • Keeping all of their writing in one place with a personal Writing Journal.


An image of the ĵֱ ELA unit Brain Science
ĵֱ ELA teacher edition

Teacher Edition

Available digitally and in print, the Teacher Edition contains all the information teachers need to facilitate classroom instruction, including:

  • Detailed lesson plans.
  • Video teacher tips embedded in the lesson.
  • Standards alignment and exit tickets.
  • Real-time differentiation strategies.
  • Robust reporting.


The ĵֱ ELA Interactive Quest
ĵֱ ELA's digital simulation from Poetry and Poe, Read Like a Movie Reviewer
An ĵֱ ELA interactive quest

Interactive Quests

Quests are fun, week-long immersions into a specific, multilayered topic. They enable students to practice analytical reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills—all while building a strong classroom community.

ĵֱ ELA's digital library for independent reading

Digital library for independent reading

The expansive ĵֱ Library includes more than 700 digital fiction, nonfiction, classic, and contemporary titles.

An image from sub-unit 1 from Science vs. Fiction - Part 1
An image from Overview: Two Households
Educational website thumbnails for ĵֱ ELA: details human brain science topics and lessons with illustrations, including a famous case of Phineas Gage.

ĵֱ ELA makes teachers' lives easier

Our program ensures that standards are covered, skills are taught, and students are prepared with proper scaffolding and encouragement.

  • Embedded differentiation to support all readers.
  • Informative and streamlined assessment system.
  • Robust reporting that tracks progress.
  • Powerful feedback tools.


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