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Our research

ĵֱ Science

ĵֱ Science is rooted in the Lawrence Hall of Science’s Do, Talk, Read, Write, Visualize model of learning. Gold standard research shows that this pedagogical approach works, and our early efficacy research about ĵֱ Science is promising, too. ĵֱ Science meets the criteria for Tier III-Promising Evidence as an education intervention under ESSA.

Independent study finds that ĵֱ Science has significant positive impact on science learning and literacy outcomes.


WestEd Randomized Control Trial for Grade 1

WestEd Randomized Control Trial for Grade 7

ĵֱ Science NE
Grades –5

Field trials

ĵֱ Science field trial effectiveness research report

ĵֱ Science WA grade 5 effectiveness research report

Case studies

ĵֱ Science MN district

6-8 case study

ĵֱ Science OK district

6-8 case study

Research base

ĵֱ Science: The research behind the program

Efficacy research overview graphs

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